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Michelle Johnson

Hi, I'm Michelle Johnson

Founder of The Mindset Corner


About The Mindset Corner


This is a place to work on your own mindset in order to show up better for those around you. From courses to one-on-one coaching I provide several options to work with me in a way that suits your life.


Launched in 2021, this is a hub for like minded business owners and managers to be coached and learn to coach themselves to achieve better outcomes. My signature program "Lost to Mind Boss in 5 days" is run on a regular schedule - please use our contact page to enquire.


About Michelle


Michelle is known for her calm and empathetic influence. She is a natural leader, in fact her friends in high school would joke that she would be the head of Pepsi one day because she was endlessly thirsty for leadership opportunities.


Michelle is fiercely loyal, having spent over 20 years working for two large corporate organisations. She has excelled thanks to her passion for people and ambition to be a life long learner. In the last 5 years she has acquired two businesses in completely new industries and has been able to utilise her leadership skills to employ and develop strong teams. Without any industry knowledge, she was able to harness the expertise of her team and add value through one on one coaching. Michelle has a reputation for taking swift action and achieving her goals in situations others might find daunting.


Juggling a corporate role, two businesses and a young family has her community asking how she does it all. It was after studying and being certified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner that she realised how her approach to self and team leadership could be used to help others with their own mindset.


Michelle excels in developing a heart centred leadership approach with her clients and loves to help with improving productivity and achieving outcomes.


With a passion for team management and business development strategies, Michelle is a coach of choice for business owners and managers alike. She instills peace of mind and supports her clients to achieve breakthrough results in their personal life and business settings.  

Michelle is excited to support clients to overcome their perceived limits and reach their goals.


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