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Mindful Leadership - The Shadow You Cast

leadership manager mindful mindset staff team Aug 21, 2021

Are you aware of how your mindset is affecting your people?

Are you frustrated by the behaviours of those around you?

The good and bad news is that what you are seeing in your people is generally a reflection of you.

Wait, say what now? 

Let that sit for a minute. 

You are like a tree as a leader and your shadow is being constantly cast onto those who stand around you (or work with you). It's likely that if your team seem to not have enough urgency, then you may not have enough urgency. If your team seem motivated its probably because you are. This can be both liberating and confronting. One the one hand its your influence (or your fault) that they are great, but when they are not great that is also your influence (or your fault).

Some of this is an example you chose to set on purpose and some is communicated by omission or implied. You can take control of the whole narrative by leading consciously and being aware of how you are casting your shadow and how it is being perceived by your team. 

How can you be more aware?

1. Mindfulness - Be present in the moment and notice what it is that YOU are doing to contribute to situations. I once had a team member who was always calling me for non urgent issues, when I realised I had created this behaviour by saying "call me if you need anything" when I was leaving.

2. Get to know your habits  - and automated reactions so you can recognise them and change what happens after the initial interaction.

3. Self reflection - After interactions or days at work, take time to think about how things went and how you could've done better in situations you came across. This is not quite as strong as mindfulness in the moment, but can help awareness and longer term behaviour change because next time you might be able to recognise this behaviour starting and alter the course.

Have you been able to uncover a behaviour that cast the wrong shadow with your team? (maybe you're doing that right now)

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Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash 

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