Go from Frenzy to Focus in 8 weeks

You're feeling like everyone wants a piece of you every second of the day.

In just 8 weeks I can help you go from that feeling of Frenzy to being focussed and calm.

You can get control and spend your time the way YOU want.

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Get back Time

Learn to get control of your time

Get more Money

Spend your time on your most important work

Level up your team

Save time by empowering your team

I didn’t realise I needed Michelle’s course as much as I did! It was exactly what I needed to recognise my patterns and behaviours and nip them in the butt! It came at a perfect time,when my business with lockdown was in a bit of a challenging place,and I needed some serious self motivation that honestly I don’t think I would’ve found if it wasn’t for this course. It helped me with such basic, yet invaluable steps and knowledge to keep moving forward instead of falling into the same old habits. Thank you Michelle,priceless!

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Get the Focus you need to be successful

You’re feeling like you’re in a frenzy right now. You've read all the books on how to get organised and you haven't been able to make a REAL difference to your life. This course is the next step to putting a community behind you and getting your life under control.

When you join the Frenzy to Focus course I will help you to transform your life and take control of your time. You can be in the driver’s seat and chose how you want to spend your time.

I designed this course for mums in business to be able to take control and get focussed on what is important to them.

I’m right there with you, juggling my businesses and my family too! We own a hair salon and an aquarium store, and I work full time as a corporate manager. I can show you the tools I use to free myself up and focus on the things that are important to me. You can have the control to balance your business and family life, and this course with its supportive community will get you there.

What is in the course?

The course is delivered over 8 modules.

1. Goodbye Frenzy - see where you are and where you want to go.

2. Controlling your Time - map out your ideal week and understand your hijackers.

3. Planning Rhythms - how to effectively plan in cycles.

4. Team Expectations - establishing expectations with your team so they can work without you.

5. Beating Procrastination - understand why you procrastinate and how to overcome it.

6. Next Level Conversations - talk to those around you in a way that helps you achieve your outcomes.

7. Finding Focus - a collections of strategies to improve your personal productivity.

8. Putting it all together - a chance to plan for the future.

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Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not totally happy with the course up to 14 days from starting, you can get your money back  - no questions asked. I want you to feel totally comfortable making this investment without worrying so rest assured that if it's not what you thought it would be, you have options.

Meet your Tour Guide - Michelle Johnson


Oh hey. I'm Michelle - I am a mum of 2 and I live on the Central Coast of NSW with my husband. We run 2 businesses (a hair salon and an aquarium store) and I also work in a corporate management job. I truely feel that my purpose in life to help other fulfil their potential. Across all areas of my life I get so much joy from seeing others succeed with my coaching or advice. It never ceases to delight me when I can give someone the tools they need to unlock a new level in their own life.

This course came out of a year of growth for me as I delved into NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) and began to see how it's possible that our brains are always acting to keep us safe which sometimes can also hold us back from our goals.

I can't wait to hear your story and help you get control of what's creating a bit of Frenzy in your life.

Still here?

Awesome here are some questions you are looking for answers to.

How does the course actually work?

The course is a combination of video content, the accompanying workbook and the Facebook community. Each module has 10-15 minutes of video content (I know your time is valuable). What's cool is that most of the change will happen as you take the lessons into your life each week and begin to bring aspects of your life from automatic to very deliberate. That's how you can work with you own unique strengths to create a focus plan that's perfect for you.

How long does the course take?

The course is designed to be completed over 8 weeks but you can go faster or slower as it fits in with your life. 

What support is available during the course?

I will be available via the Facebook group to answer questions, that way everyone can benefit from hearing the answers. 

Best Value


  • 8 modules with video content
  • Workbook download to support your learning
  • Free access to my mini course "Lost to Mind Boss in 5 days"
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Budget Friendly

3 x $145

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  • 8 modules with video content
  • Workbook download to support your learning
  • Free access to my mini course "Lost to Mind Boss in 5 days"
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